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PediaFed's Vaccine Purchasing Program is a system designed for our participating practices to obtain vaccines at the lowest possible cost! Join PediaFed right now to start saving on vaccines.

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PediaFed’s Vaccine Purchasing Program is Truly Unique

On behalf of thousands of participating physicians, we negotiate directly with vaccine manufacturers to establish reduced prices. PediaFed's Vaccine Purchasing Program gives medical practices the opportunity to purchase vaccines at a substantially lower price by joining practices of all sizes into a large negotiating entity. Additionally, through the Vaccine Purchasing Program, your practice will earn rebates on almost every purchase.

All of PediaFed's programs are FREE for all medical practices and specialties. Join PediaFed's Vaccine Purchasing Program now to start saving.

Earn rebates on your vaccine purchases

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Unlike other vaccine purchasing groups, PediaFed's Vaccine Purchasing Program does not operate as a for-profit business. It is a service of PediaFed. Almost all of the rebates are distributed back to the participants.

The Costs of Buying Vaccines
Distributor $$$$
Direct Purchasing $$$
Vaccine GPO $$
PediaFed $

Physicians and medical professionals created and manage the Vaccine Purchasing Program to benefit its members. Participating practices vote on which contracts to accept. Pediafed has been a pioneer in creating programs to streamline practice management and improve profits. Join Now!